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Mental Health

About Brooklyn Center for Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy has proven to be a very successful vehicle for change.  It provides the patient with an intimate, personalized setting in which to explore feelings and behaviors that impact on personal satisfaction and current functioning.  Starting from a sound diagnostic evaluation and a full consideration of the needs and goals of the particular patient, the Brooklyn Center for Psychotherapy offers both short and long term treatment that involves the use of insight-oriented as well as behavioral goal-focused interventions.

Psychopharmacotherapy is also available as a therapeutic aid, as well as collateral family counseling, which can be very helpful in parent, child, marital and other relationship conflicts.

Psychotherapy with children, which often takes the form of play therapy with younger and/or less verbal children, is a particular modality to which the Brooklyn Center for Psychotherapy is very committed.  This therapeutic approach focuses mainly on the expression of the child’s difficulties as seen through the communications that are implicit in the child’s natural play activities.  Parents and school feedback are also integral components of this very special kind of treatment.

Access to Treatment

Seeking treatment is often one of the most difficult steps for persons who are in need of help.  The Brooklyn Center for Psychotherapy seeks to facilitate this process as much as possible and has developed a highly skilled and sensitive staff to answer telephone inquires.  The first appointment is made with an initial telephone call.  The person who answers will offer the prospective patient an appointment, request some general information and answer any questions the caller might have.  An initial interview will then be arranged with a member of our intake staff, who explores the history of the patient’s problem.

Following a psychiatric evaluation, our staff develops an individual treatment plan based on all of the clinical information that has been gathered.  From that point on, the goals of the treatment plan and the progress made by the patient are reviewed on a regular basis to assure continuity and quality of care.

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