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Chemical Dependency

About New Directions

Individuals suffering from the disease of chemical abuse, alcoholism, and chemical dependency have a history of responding to inner anxiety and external stress in maladaptive ways.  Years of escape, self-deception, and a lack of coping skills will ultimately produce significant physical, social and psychological difficulties.  The inability of the chemically dependent individual to effectively solve problems also produces hardships for family members and friends who become co-dependent and enmeshed in the chemical dependency process.

The road to recovery is a difficult one, as well as a continuous one.  Detox, Rehabilitation and Aftercare Outpatient Services are all essential components of a comprehensive, continuing treatment program.  New Directions provides the Outpatient Service, which includes Aftercare to help the chemically dependent individual secure their place on the road to recovery.  The length of treatment at New Directions can vary anywhere from six months to two years.

New Directions seeks to ease the process of taking the first step.  The first appointment can be made with an initial telephone call to our intake staff.  A primary counselor is selected and an appointment time is given.

New Directions has a “no closed door policy.”  All walk-ins are welcome and seen within 15 minutes of arrival.  The staff of New Directions will maintain close contract with the referral source in order to further facilitate the intake process.

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